Words from the founder

Have you ever in your wildest dreams thought that you were born to be brilliant?

You will be surprised that most people think that they are not worthy of greatness and success. When you feel you are not worthy, you do not bet and advance yourself. You take yourself out of the game and the overwhelming majority end up settling when they know they could actually do better.

Most of us are born incredible and are destined for greatness, but people around us have such an impact on our lives that we start believing that we are not destined for anything great. When in actual fact it is all about your mindset.

I have started “Designed for Greatness” because I want to be able to help people change the way they think in order to achieve greatness. It is very important to preach positivity. The tongue is a powerful muscle, make sure it is used to talk greatness. Whatever comes out of your mouth has some sort of Universal truth.


Make a mental note of the following:

You were made to be more than just average. Regardless of what you choose to do in life, choose to be the best version of yourself.

If you can dream it, you can do it. There is greatness inside of you and it’s waiting to get out.

You were designed by God for Greatness. Not designed for failure or terrible outcomes. The word of God is God’s will. What is God’s will for my life? Not one word in the bible is written for your failure. Designed for Success. Designed for Blessing- JOHN 10:10

It’s time for the next level. It’s time to rise up. Rise up to your true potential. The potential that has been sleeping, but will now wake up- if you let it. Time for Greatness!


Reinette Herbst, Mrs Africa 2019 (the founder) can be booked as a motivational speaker at your next event.

“Designed for Greatness” is also focused on charity work and marketing of companies and brands, so if you would like to get involved with charity work or if you need the perfect marketing for your company or brand, please give us a call.