Reinette Herbst

Mrs Africa 2019

What is Africa Pageants about?

The mission of Africa Pageants is to give dignity back and assist in any way possible in their local communities and on the African Continent.

The Africa Pageant was started in the year 2006 by Carolyn Baldwin Botha, CEO of Pageants SA. She is known as the Mother of Pageantry in South Africa. Carolyn has produced literally thousands of titleholders nationally and internationally. Charity is the golden thread that links this dynamic pageant system together.

With the crowning of the 2014 winner, Janet Potgieter, came new opportunities, dynamics and movement to give dignity back, when she began her humanitarian work into Africa. “Think about what you will say to someone if you cant even give them hope.” The truth behind these words came back to haunt Janet when she stood between 42 000 people in the Bulengo Displacement Camp in North-Kivu in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, a mere 6 weeks after she had won this prestigious title, meeting extraordinary women in horrific circumstances, she learnt that you can give someone at least their dignity back under any circumstances and she vowed to use the powerful platform of Africa Pageants to make a significant change on the African Continent.

Carolyn and Janet joined forces and expanded the Africa Pageants Brand for the first time into Africa in 2016, thus making it the first of its kind  on the African Continent. These two ladies have a passion and vision to make a significant and sustainable difference in Africa. Africa Pageants 2015, Wendy Smit and Realeboga Rakgatho Africa Pageants Classic 2015 joined the management team to make this spectacular pageant even bigger.


Africa pageants contact details

Tel: 011 849 1087



Why did I enter Africa Pageants?

No, I am not really a beauty pageant kind of person, but I have learned that Africa Pageants is the perfect platform for ordinary woman to achieve extraordinary things. One can clearly see that this pageant makes positive changes on a daily basis and I am proud to be part of this. My main goal during this journey is to inspire and motivate others to start believing in themselves, to believe in the Abundant life and to believe that we are all Designed for Greatness.


Personal Favourites

Holiday: Sea and Mountains

Favourite Movie: The Shack

Favourite Book: The Shack

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Quote: Don’t ever give up, until… your “good” is “better” and your “better” is “best”- unknown.


Projects and Charities

Greatness can only be achieved when you have a powerful team behind you…

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