Just in Time Baby Sanctuary

JUST IN TIME BABY SANCTUARY is a place of safety for abandoned, abused and neglected infants and toddlers. We received no government funding and rely solely on the generosity of the public.

To date we have assisted 11 babies and toddlers with a warm, safe, loving and secure home while social services investigate their case and either find them a forever mommy and daddy or foster home.

These children often arrive hungry, hurt, dirty and severely traumatised. We aim to make them feel loved, safe and secure again by offering them nutrition, loads of love, safety and security and even education. We cannot do this without your kindness and generosity.

Our monthly costs are estimated at R20 000.00+ water and lights, insurance, fuel, salaries, security etc. Our aim is to secure a monthly commitment of R100-R200 from as many donors as possible. This will relieve a great deal of stress and allow me to spend more time in the community reaching out to children who don’t necessarily need a roof over their head but could do with some love, food and clothing. Please contact Reinette if you would like to make a monthly pledge.