Personal Diamond Sponsor

Benefits of Becoming a Personal Diamond Sponsor

You can get involved by becoming a diamond sponsor. The diamond sponsor will not only be the official sponsor for my International Competition but will also be the official sponsor of an episode of my TV show. The total cost of becoming a diamond sponsor is R145 000.

The benefits include the following:

  • I will make personalized mentions of your Company on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts on a weekly basis.
  • For the period until 31 December 2019 I will ensure maximum publicity for your brand.
  • I will become your brand ambassador.
  • I will avail myself for press releases and attend functions hosted by your brand (max 2 events)
  • I will visit two of your charities of choice.

For the TV Show sponsorship, you will get:

  • Logo on branded car
  • Name branding on all advertisements
  • Banner at events
  • Logo on all marketing flyers
  • Amount to be written off as TAX
  • Advert on Billboard (2 weeks running)