Personal Platinum Sponsor

Benefits of Becoming a Personal Platinum Sponsor

You can get involved by becoming a “personal platinum sponsor”.

The agreement of a personal platinum sponsor is to provide Mrs Africa 2019 with the following:

-Cash sponsorship of a minimum of R10 000.

-Any other sponsorship to the value of R10 000 or more.

Benefits of Becoming a Personal Platinum Sponsor

In return for this sponsorship the Personal Gold Sponsor will

receive the following:

  • I will make personalized mentions of your Company on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts once every week.
  • For the period until 31 December 2019 I will ensure maximum publicity for your brand.
  • I will become your brand ambassador.
  • I will avail myself for press launches and attend functions hosted by your brand (max 2 events)
  • I will do a photoshoot at your company premises.
  • I will visit your charity of choice